This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) shall govern the relations concerning the processing (collection, accumulation, storage, updating, usage, transferring, blocking, deleting) of the personal data of any individual person or corporate body registered on REGUL.RU site (hereinafter referred to as the User) by REGUL.RU site (hereinafter referred to as the Administration).
    After registering on REGUL-N.RU site (hereinafter referred to as the Site) and providing your personal data, the User shall confirm that he read and fully agreed with the terms of this Agreement without any changes or additions as well as allowed the processing of the personal data by the Administration.
    1.1. The Administration shall be provided with access to the information received in the following ways:
    • Information provided by the User when registering on the Site;
    • Data received within the framework of activities organized by the Administration (polls, requests, contact forms);
    • Information from the registration online forms, which the User filled when using the services offered on the Site;
    • Data received in the course of communication of Administration and User via e-mail;
    • Technical information (i.e. data on the Internet service provider of User, IP address, characteristics of used PC and software, information on the Site downloaded and unloaded files etc.);
    • Statistic data about the preferences of particular User (subject matters of viewed pages)
    1.2. Within the meaning of this Agreement, the confidential information shall be the information stored in the Site database in encrypted form and may be viewed exclusively by the Administration.
    1.3. Information on the person that is willingly posted on the Site general sections when filling the registration online forms and available to any other Site User as well as information that may be freely received through the other publicly accessible sources shall not be confidential.
    2. SAFETY
    2.1. The Administration shall use the modern technologies to guarantee the confidentiality of personal data and information of the registration online forms filled by the Users to ensure the maximal information protection.
    2.2. The User personal information may be accessed through the authorization system by entering the login and password. The User commits himself to ensuring of authorization data security. Moreover, the User shouldn’t disclose such information to the third parties under any circumstances. Any changes of personal information after authorization will be considered to be made by the User personally.
    3.1. The Administration shall process only that information, which the User chooses to submit.
    3.2. The Administration has the right to process the personal information about the User, which is received in accordance with the paragraph 1.1.
    3.3. The User personal information received due to the paragraph 1.1 shall be as follows:
    • E-mail, Identification Code, contact information;
    • Mobile phone number;
    • User IP Address;
    • Information that may be received together with cookies files;
    • Any other information left by the User when filling the registration online form on the Site.
    3.4. The Administration shall process the personal information of User in order to:
    • Provide the services under any projects;
    • Appraise the User interest in our services as well as provide information about new services and updates of the Site;
    • Decide the disputes and delicate situations;
    • Achieve other goals about which the Administration informs the User while requesting the personal information.
    3.5. The Administration may use the User personal data, which are necessary for sending of technical or administration messages, news.
    3.6. The Administration shall use the tracking technologies (cookies files) to collect such personal data as browser type or operational system, reference page, online path, domain of Internet service provider and others in order to receive the general information about how Users use the Site. Cookies files provide an opportunity to improve this Site in accordance with the requirements of its Users.
    3.7. The Administration shall save all information collected by means of cookies files in the format that does not presupposes the personal identification. The information received through cookies files cannot be shared with the third parties. This information will not be passed to the third parties in an unauthorized way.
    3.8. The information about the User cannot be shared with the third parties unless provided by the Laws of the Russian Federation.
    4.1. When filling the registration form on the Site or visiting the Site page, the User shall automatically accept the Agreement terms.
    4.2. In accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation On Personal Data (152-FZ), the Administration has the same rights as the personal data owner when processing such personal data.
    4.3. The Administration activities meet the requirements of the Laws of the Russian Federation. Any claims, disputes, official proceedings will be considered exclusively in accordance with the procedure provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    4.4. The terms of this Agreement may be changed by the Administration on a unilateral basis coming into effect within seven calendar days from the date of their publication on the Site. If the changes are significant, the Administration will inform the User about them via e-mail (sent to e-mail address defined in the registration form) or by means of Site notification before changes coming into effect.


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