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The whole range of products is produced from PVC plastic manufactured on the German equipment and painted with the European high-quality abrasion-resistant paints by specially developed technologies, which are our own KNOW-HOW.

The material we used for production of the whole product line is modern, firm and enduring. PVC plastic (polyvinyl chloride) is moisture-resistant and hardly flammable (B category).

Where these panels may be used? Practically everywhere: for interior finishing of corridors and entrance lobbies, bathrooms and washing rooms, halls and bedrooms, balconies and recessed balconies. Simply pasting over the wall or using the panel fragment you will quickly transform your home and make your interior modern and stylish.

The panels are moisture-resistant and easily washing. Moreover, it is possible to quickly create the modern, maximally comfortable and cozy interior at minimal cost.

A wide range of colors and textures, shapes and colouring will provide an opportunity to find and choose the optimal color scheme that satisfies the very sophisticated customer taste.

Except of DEKOKAM and DEKOPAN panel series, the list of products manufactured by our enterprise includes frieze and edge panels.

    Your interior will gain the original and finished appearance due to additional use of the following:
  1. Frieze panels (to set up the visual accents of finishing as well as separate the decorated space zones);
  2. Multipurpose edge (to shape the perimeter of pasted surface)

You may view the form of performance by panel types and colouring while looking through the photos in the section PRODUCTS .

The overall size of panels is 955 × 488 mm that is for about a half of square meter. The item features the low weight and thickness that significantly simplifies the work with panels. The overall size of frieze is 955 × 145 mm. The length of edge is 1 meter.

Panels and frieze are packed in packages of 30 sheets; the edge – of 60 pieces. The weight of one package with panels is for about 8 kg, one package with frieze – approximately 2.5 kg. The surface area, which is pasted by one package, depends on the type of panel and varies from 13.3 to 14.1 sq. m. Every package contains the instruction on pasting.

The panels are pasted on the surface that is cleaned from the dust with the help of alcoholic adhesives Drakon, Naset or Titan. The adhesive consumption is 0.5 l per 10-15 m2. Thus, you will obtain a quick result at minimal cost. We can surely say that you will get the new interior without dirt and dust in one day!

The barcode is laid on every item of the whole assortment.

In order to ensure the convenient and safe transportation, PVC panels are packed into the pallets with the size of 1.2 m × 1.2 m, 1.2 m × 0.8 m (as agreed). The average height of packed pallet is 1.2 m and weight – from 700 to 900 kg.

At present, new types of PVC wall panels of DEKOKAM and DEKOPAN series are under preparation. Additionally, we offer the production of exclusive sheet panels to order.



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